Stunning Glass Sliding Door with Breathtaking Sliding Door Blinds

Sliding door is a nice divider for two rooms since it won’t take spaces when it is opened. Some people are interested to install sliding door to separate their interior with their backyard. The others make use of sliding door for their bedroom. If you’re want to install at least a sliding door in your house, you may want to complete it with sliding door blinds. There are a lot of variants of blinds you can opt to complete your glass sliding door. The first one is roller blind.

Roller blind is a blind we must install on the top of the sliding door frame. We can push and pull the roller blind to adjust its weight with our sliding room. There are some materials used to make roller sliding door blinds including plastic to rattan and bamboo. Roller blinds, especially which are made from synthetic plastic, are easy to clean since we don’t need to launder them. We can keep our roller blinds clean by scrubbing the blinds using a damped cloth. And then we need to wait until the entire sliding door blinds parts dry.

Roller blinds and curtains are different. If the sunlight is able to change the color of curtains, roller blind’s color will never change even though the sunlight exposes the blinds every day. Another variety of sliding door blinds is venetian blinds. Venetian blinds were so famous in past. Venetian blinds are completed with rope that eases us to adjust the height of the blinds. Some venetian blinds are also completed with stick we can slide to left and right in order to adjust its angle.

The most popular materials used to make venetian blinds are plastic, wood, or bamboo. The plated shape of Venetian sliding door blinds makes the blinds become ideal home of dust. It is hard to clean the dust from the plated shape of Venetian sliding door blinds in glass. Besides, some other venetian blinds that are made from metal can be rusty if they’re touched by water.

Last type of sliding door blinds is roman blinds. Roman blinds look similar but are more attractive than roller blinds. When we pull the roman blinds to the top of our sliding door, the cloth or material of roman blinds will shape decorative layers on the top of our sliding door. Just like the other blinds, roman blinds can be made from assorted materials, but usually they’re made from clothes or synthetic materials that can be sewn.


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