Pros and Cons from Toddler Bed for Your Kid’s Room

If your little child has started to act like Houdini, attempting to escape the confines of the baby crib every time, maybe it is the time for you to graduate your child and replace the tiny crib with larger kid bed. Today, we will talk about the toddler bed that will provide more sleeping surfaces for your getting-bigger little child. Whether it is the choice of toddler bed with storage or not, we have some interesting information about toddler bed sets every parent has to know.

Unlike a baby crib, the toddler bed is somewhat a small bed frame that can fit the crib-size mattress perfectly. However, what makes this big-kid bed is often disguised, thus showing the totally fun, playful, and intriguing shape such as a spaceship, sports car, or princess castle. Alternatively, parents can consider using a twin-size mattress and bed frame with portable safety rails, which is also safe as well.

It obviously that the fun design is one advantage from the toddler bed. With awesome design and fun colors your child will love effortlessly, you can make transition from crib to child bed much easier to accomplish. You can also enjoy the chance to have more fun in designing your kid’s bedroom as the bed design can be created to match the interior and decorating design. Apart from that, you don’t need to worry about safety too. Mostly, beds for toddler are made low to the ground so your little child can climb in and out of his or her bed easily.

Apart from the excitement and safety, parents do not need to be affraid about their wallets. Typically, bed frames for children are quite affordable. For toddler gear, the price usually will range from as low as $50 up to $200. Most toddler bed also comes with safety rails and crib mattresses also come as one when you buy the bed frame. This way, you do not need to spend more money for the extras.

There are some important notes about toddler bed you need to unsderstand as well. Typically toddler beds can only bear 50 pounds weight limit. This means your toddler will outgrow it eventually, and you cannot hop in the bed for a cuddle. The low profile also has its own disadvantage as your child may either intentionally or unintentionally bounce out of the bed. Many beds are also plastic, so you don’t need to question more about the durability.


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