Murphy Bed and Its Alternatives for Apartment Bedroom

When it comes to furnishing an apartment bedroom, especially a small and/or compact one, the Murphy bed is often mentioned to be a great solution. A Murphy bed kit can provide the need for comfortable place to lie for good night’s sleep time withoutneedtoo much space like its standard, conventional bed will do. It is due to the construction of modern Murphy bed that incorporates the built-in wall system thus the piece may appear like a wall storage unit instead. And whenever you want to sleep, you can only fold it down!

It goes without saying that the Murphy bed has a great benefit for a room or living place that is limited in space, especially horizontal one. Virtually, the bed will not fillup any space in the room. Apart from that, you can as wellenjoy other advantage from the unit too, such as a load of bookshelf space. It is evensimple to use the bed. As aforementioned, all you have to do is to pull down the bed. When you need extra room, simply fold it away.

Even so, it doesn’t mean the Murphy bed has no disadvantages. We personally find the main limitation of this innovative bed for small space is how costly thistrick can be. The system installed for the bed to work properly itself can cost you somethousand dollars. And you stillneed to figuresand add up the cost from having professional installing the system for you into total cost. Apart from that, consider the time it takes for delivery and assembly too, which may take longer than other options.

Yes. It does not matter how appealing a Murphy bed is, there are still other options that are also popular in use in apartment bedroom with limited space available. One of them is a sofa bed or daybed, which is designed to combine the function of a sofa and a bed altogether. You can also use sofa bed as extra sleeper when a guest sleepin your house.

Alternatively, futon can be a cool choice to provide slumber zone without having to bother you. Futon is just like a sofa bed—it converts from a cozy seating to a snuggly bed. Just like a Murphy bed, a futon usually has a more modern look with sleek details. With more affordable price tag, futon is considerably more comfythan a sofa bed.


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