Lovely Loft Bed for Keeping the Space in Your Bedroom

When you hear about loft bed and you do not know what kind of bed it is, you can imagine a bunk bed. Actually the concepts are almost the same but there is significant different. The bunk bed is the one with bed frame which is stacked to another bed’s top. The bed is designed for allowing to people sleeping in one bed. The bed can really keep the space since you do not need to put two beds in a room so it saves more space and more money of course.

The significant different from bunk bed is that there is no lower bed in loft bed. Yea, they are naturally the same in concept, elevated bed. But if there is lower bed, it means that the floor is free and you can put other furniture here. The loft bed ideas can be various actually. You can put anything in the lower part as the storage solutions or other solution for you or your son or daughter.

Loft bed is actually not designed for kids in the age under six. It will be very dangerous for them since they can fall down if they climb the ladder. So, the designer actually design loft bed for adults. Of course it will be safe for adults like for your teen daughter and son. Besides that, you can use the lower part of the bed based on the need of your daughter or son. What can be put below the upper bed? For adults, you can put desk and chair completed with computer so your children will spend their time there for studying or even just for playing online games.

Study area in the lower part is just one idea of the usefulness of loft bed. Besides the study area, if you have worked, you can use the space as the home office space here. You can put anything you need in lower space. Besides the space for studying and also the workspace, you can even also put sofa completed with side table and also night stand. For your daughter bedroom, you can put shelf for keeping books or even the dolls.

Loft bed is various. You can find loft bed with stairs, desk, or even storage. You can pick the one that can meet your needs. So, the choice depends on your necessity and taste. To get the lovely bed, you can simply  find in the internet websites completed with price and pictures. Browse it soon then.


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