How to Make Sliding Glass Door Safer

We all know the beauty of sliding glass door, which is also renowned as sliding patio door. It will help establish seamless connection between your outdoor with indoor so you can expand your living space while enhancing the appearance as well. Even so, the sliding glass door installation is not what you need to understand carefully. When it comes to keeping home safe, it also means improving the security of sliding glass patio door that you own.

To make sure that the sliding glass door is secured, you can start from testing its existing lock. Mostly, the sliding doors have a lock on one side, particularly in the handle. Make sure the lock on your door works as you close it, lock it, and try pulling it open. If the door moves, it shows that the latch doesn’t catch the door properly or comes loose from door frame. Replace or repair as necessary. Only when it moves, you should address other security issues.

Then, upgrade the security from sliding glass door by installing a slide locking bar. Well, the fixture may sound complicated, but it is actually just a metal bar or thick wood dowel cut to fit in perfectly the bottom track of the door. Thus, whenever you lock up your home for the night or running errands, all you can do is to fit the metal bar or dowel into the door track. The locking bar will keep your sliding door from being opened, even though the latching lock is removed or damaged.

Plastic roller is what most sliding glass door exploits to move frequently. And in case the roller is damaged, the door will move roughly. Besides, the door thus can be lifted from the track easily. Do maintain the door rollers and tracks to clean any debris and dirt, which may become the cause of the roller and the track to degrade. If the door yet doesn’t work properly after cleaning, readjust the gauge of the rollers.

Alternatively, you may want to try installing a commercial locking product for sliding glass door that you own. The product can be get easily from hardware store. Usually, the product features 1- or 2-bolt locking systems attaching to the point of closure on the door with steel bolts dropping into place. Most of them are also adjustable at any height on the door. You can even find some products that are powered by battery with audible alarms.


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