Glamorous Bathroom with Shiny and Sparkling Glass Shower Door

If you’re reading this article, we’re sure you’re looking for some tips about how to make glass shower door you own looks as shiny as new shower door. Shower that’s completed with glass door looks elegant. Unfortunately, the soap, shampoo, and other chemicals we use when we bath can make the glass door looks unclear. It is okay, we can make our glass door in our shower looks as sparkling as new glass door by banishing the buildup. Some people believe that heated vinegar that’s mixed with detergent is able to clean our glass door and glass shower door handles. Is that right?

What materials used to build your shower? If your shower has stone walls, vinegar is not the right formula to clean your glass shower door since the vinegar can damage your shower stone walls if you accidentally splash the vinegar to your stone walls. Instead of using vinegar solution, try to use liquid soap and baking soda to banish the buildup on your glass door. Just mix the baking soda with liquid soap. Mix them and then use the mixture to scrub the shower door. Use non-scratch sponge to scrub the mixture to your glass door.

Some dirt must be so difficult to clean. If you have removed the dirt from the glass shower door successfully, try to keep your shower door every time you finish using your shower. Use warm water from your shower to clean the glass door after you used the shower. Use foam pad for cleaning or smooth sponge to clean your wet shower door. The warm water will remove any dirt from your glass door, and there is no need to use chemicals or cleaning products.

But if warm water is not able to make your glass shower door looks shinier, try to use citrus solutions. Pick a lemon and cut it in half. Take one half and dip it in baking soda. And then use your citrus solution to rub your glass door. After rubbing your glass door using lemon solution, you can consider applying lemon oil to your glass door. The lemon oil will make water repels from your shower. This makes the soap leave your shower door easily and won’t cause soap stains on your glass door.

Is there any dirt on your glass shower door seal or frame? If so, you need to clean it soon. You can clean metal frame from your glass shower door by scrubbing it using. Use toothbrush to clean the dirt on your glass door’s metal frame carefully and make certain you don’t scratch the frame and the glass door.


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