Fabulous Interior with Minimalist Concept and French Door Curtains

Are you looking for some tips about choosing the right French door curtains? That’s the reason you’re here. Curtain is a sweet accessory we can use to beautify not only our windows but also our doors. There are a lot of colors and motifs of curtain available. If you own a minimalist home design, we have some tips about decorating French doors that you have by using curtains. First tip is choosing curtains that the size fits to your French door. Make sure there are dangled parts of your curtain that reach the floor.

Besides, make sure that the width and the height fits to French door you have properly. Minimalist concept is identical with net and simple accents. All your interior decorations must blend naturally without any stand out ornament. So when you’re choosing French door curtains, make sure that you choose French door curtains blinds that are simple. Simple curtains for French door will make your interior looks modern and cleaner. Speaking about the motif of curtains, choose one that’s not too complicated. Stripes, polka dot, and plaid are the most recommended motifs.

Some French door curtains are even designed without motif. Those curtains, even though simple, fit your minimalist interior design. About the color, we’re free to choose any colored curtains for our French door. White, ivory, yellow, red, even French door curtains black are able to prettify your French door. Just watch the interior color of your home when you’re selecting the color of curtains for your French door. The weight of the curtains will influence the appearance of the interior.

Choose French door curtains that are made from light in weight material. Just remember that minimalist interior design needs simple concept. Light in weight curtains are able to make your interior looks net and pretty. Light in weight curtains are also able to blend with the other interior decoration elements in your room. Thick curtains that are heavy look perfect when they’re installed to cover windows in huge and classic room, not for modern and minimalist room.

French door curtains that have hourglass design are a nice choice. The hourglass shaped curtains will make the sunlight passes the glass windows on both sides of the hourglass curtains and make your minimalist interior looks brighter. The sunlight will also make your interior looks cleaner. If you own a small minimalist room, the hourglass shaped curtains let the sunlight makes your interior looks wider too.


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