Everything about Crystal Door Knobs You Should Know

There was a time—decades ago, even nearly a century—when crystal door knobs became standard issue in new buildings, especially home. Now, those crystal door pulls become like diamonds at flea markets and salvage yards. The crystal interior door knobs, especially those from the first half of 20th century, were made to last and mounted in brass or steel shanks. Apart from that, what makes them still celebrate popularity until now is their potential to cooperate with most of modern locksets.

Today, the salvaged crystal door knobs are still easy toget. Even so, you have to make note of some important points, which include the fit, construction, and style, to consider before you buy for your needs. For you who want to replace a knob in a set, don’t forget to bring along the mate. You probablyneed to bring the spindle as well. It is due to the availability over than 100 knob patterns. Besides, the year when the knobs were created also matters considering the construction.

Ensure snug fit for pairs of crystal door knobs by measuring the thickness of the door first, and then compare it with the distance between knobs. Again and again, it is mostly related to the construction of the door knobs. Usually, spindles are not too short. Even so, the threaded ones are commonly too long so you will have to shorten them with a hacksaw. Avoid pairs of knobs that miss the setscrews of spindles. Besides, be cautious of door knobs that bendinto the metal shanks as they cannot be repaired, unfortunately.

The price for crystal door knobs widely varies. For vintage ones, the figure will be mostly depending on the condition, style, color, and rarity. For instance, expect to pay from $30 to #50 for a pair of the most common 12-sided molded knobs. Sets of 6- or 8-sided door knobs usually will cost buyers from $60up to $100. A pair of cut-crystal balls usually can boast up to $500. The most valuable varieties are cobalt, Vaseline, and red-glass knobs, which were used in mansions for the entrances to formal rooms where homeowners used to entertain their guests.

Expect to pay much, much less for crystal door knobs that are sold in local hardware stores. For a pair, the price can get low until $10. Even so, needless to saythat they have craftsmanship and materialsthat are far inferior compared to the vintage counterparts. Knobs that are gently worn by time and use have watery look and refract light in different way.


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