Do It Yourself Installing Barn Door Track and Attaching the Barn Door

DIY-ers who are used to do everything by themselves usually are able to install their own barn door track. But if this is your first time in installing the track of your barn door, we’ll help you. The first thing to prepare in installing door track is the hardware. You’ll need to prepare two inched flat track made from steel, spacers, lag bolts, screws, joint brackets for track, hanger rollers, carriage bolts, bottom rollers, and guide for bottom roller.

After preparing the hardware you’ll need to install barn door track, you can start attaching the mounting board. Secure your door track to your wall and then add support for your barn door that’s heavy, you need to cut the mounting board about 1”x4”. Make sure that the mounting board has same length as your double barn door track. Now, secure you mounting board using lag bolts, spacers, and drywall anchors. After mounting the board, you can start assembling and cutting your door track.

First, assemble the track that’s made from flat steel with the joint brackets. Make sure that you do this step of installing barn door track according to instructions in the manuals from the manufacturer. Now, cut your track. When you’re cutting your track, make sure that the width is twice of your barn door’s track. And then you can create holes in your track but make sure you measure it first. You can make holes using drill. The holes will be used to attach your steel track with your mounting board also with the wall. So make sure the holes you make in the right place.

To make holes in your barn door track successfully, you can use punch for the seat so that you won’t slip when you’re drilling your metal track. Besides, using cutting oil will help you keeping the area you’ll drill cool, this eases you in drilling your barn door track home depot. Now, install your track and also your spacers. First of all, measure your track system. And then you need to install the track also the spacer to your mounting board and then install it to the wall by the help of lag bolts.

Finally, you can start attaching hanger rollers of your barn door track and then hanging the barn door. The manufacturer has instructions to help you attaching the hanger rollers to your barn door. You’ll need to use carriage bolts, nuts and also washers to finish your barn door. If you can hang your barn door on its track, you can ask a help from your friend.


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