Different Types of Platform Bed

When you are looking for the right choice of bed frame that suits your modern minimalist bedroom, you may find many people recommending you the platform bed. Well, when you think about this type of bed frame, you may often relate it with platform storage bed. Even so, that is only one type of modern platform bed you can get. If you are interested with this bed frame type, we have some suggestions to help you shopping for one.

The wooden platform bed is one of the most popular choices for this type of bed frame and available in many different designs and styles. Usually, the foundation of wooden type is either a metal frame system with solid panels or slats or a slat support system. The beauty and richness of real wood bed frame often captured in natural wood grain can be seen from it too. It looks great in any bedroom with any decor as well.

Often found in modern or contemporary design is a platform bed made from metal for main material. The popular choice of the metal bed frame type is steel as it is easy to bend. This type of platform bed frame usually will consist of a headboard, rails, and footboard—in general, it is just like other bed frames. Steel crossbars are what utilized for the foundations and usually will include solid or Masonite paneling fitting over the cross supports. Metal varieties have more industrial look too.

As aforementioned, there are storage platform bed varieties as well. In fact, combining the bed frame with storage units underneath is a great combo considering this bed frame type is by design made for a mattress. With extra space underneath transformed into storage unit, this bed frame type will be really perfect for those looking for space efficient furniture for bedroom. Even so, the number of drawers built-in into this bed frame type will vary and it is usually depending on the size—the larger it is, such as queen or even king size, the more drawers mounted.

Well, as if a platform bed is not unique enough due to its low profile, you can still opt for lower profile one. If you are looking at the beautiful modern Japanese bedroom interior, you may find the low profile frame is the most suitable choice. It is common for this bed frame type to omit the footboard and headboard. It is also a great choice if you feel like to make an illusion of a bigger space in your bedroom.


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