Decorative Homemade Door Wreaths Made From Natural Materials

Door wreaths are sweet decoration we can hang on our entry door or on bedroom’s doors. We can buy door wreath in some stores or make them by ourselves. We’re free to use any material around us to make door wreath. If we have some kids, we can make cute door wreath for every door of their bedrooms. Door wreaths with initials are the best indoor wreath you can place on your kids’ doors. The initial will show whose room behind the door is.

Nowadays, we can use anything to make door wreaths. In autumn, many wreaths can be made from fruits like berries, blooms, branches, and even from nuts. We’re free to create our own door wreath according to our preferences and personal taste. To make your wreath, you need to find wreath foundation first and use it as your wreath frame. We can find foundations for wreath in some stores of arts and crafts, do it yourself stores, or in flower shops.

The wreath foundation can be made from some materials including straw, Styrofoam, decorative branches or even greenery. If you feel you can make it by yourself, do it. This will help you to save some money and your door wreaths will look more unique. Use willow branches, newspapers, or climbing plants to create your own wreath foundation. If you’re going to use newspaper, you need to use plenty pages. Just peel them and twist the newspaper with each other to make the foundation of the wreath.

After creating newspaper door wreaths foundation, you need to cover up  the wire close to the foundation to make it strong. But in case you’re going to make a foundation from willow branches, you need to bend willow branches in circle. The size of the circle depends on what you desire. Now, wrap the wreath foundation using wire. After wrapping your wreath foundation, you can start decorating your door wreaths for summer. Make your wreath looks chic by decorating it using dried berries or dried apples.

Use apples to perfect your door wreaths. Pick some apple with red skin and slice them. After that rub the two sides of your apples using lemon juice. Now, place your sliced and rubbed apples in the oven to dry them. Next, place your dried apples on your wreath and complete the wreath with some flowers such as roses or other flowers you want. As the alternative of the apples, you can use dried berries.


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