Everything about Crystal Door Knobs You Should Know

There was a time—decades ago, even nearly a century—when crystal door knobs became standard issue in new buildings, especially home. Now, those crystal door pulls become like diamonds at flea markets and salvage yards. The crystal interior door knobs, especially those from the first half of 20th century, were made to last and mounted in […]

Door Closer Design and Types to Choose

Today, there are many features added to the home components to make the homeowners feel more comfortable when they are in the home and it is not only about the decoration of the home but also for other items in the home that can provide more comfort just like door closer that is installed or […]

Sliding Barn Door Design Ideas to Pick

You know, either in indoor or outdoor, your barn should be rightly built especially about the door where it is as the access to come in or out. You need to know the right size of the doors and usually it has large size as you may also have large item inside the barn. The […]

Door Sweep for Your Exterior Door

Innovation comes to make the life easier and ideas come to make your life more comfortable. So, you can look there are many innovations may come from ideas so you can feel easier and more comfortable. When we are talking about home door, then you will also see there are many ideas and innovations to […]

Door Latch Types and Designs

Your home doors should be rightly designed and sure, it should be well installed too to add the comfort when you open and close it. Besides that, you need to complete the door with the right hardware. There is some important hardware for your door that you have to install like door latch where it […]

Advantages and Do It Yourself Installation of Garage Door Screen

Garage door is a importance element in our garage. We must install garage door that’s really safe to protect our vehicles and other stuffs in our garage. But nowadays, people would love to make their garage door seems more attractive by installing garage door screen. Screen will not only make our garage looks more attractive […]

Decorative Homemade Door Wreaths Made From Natural Materials

Door wreaths are sweet decoration we can hang on our entry door or on bedroom’s doors. We can buy door wreath in some stores or make them by ourselves. We’re free to use any material around us to make door wreath. If we have some kids, we can make cute door wreath for every door […]

Glamorous Bathroom with Shiny and Sparkling Glass Shower Door

If you’re reading this article, we’re sure you’re looking for some tips about how to make glass shower door you own looks as shiny as new shower door. Shower that’s completed with glass door looks elegant. Unfortunately, the soap, shampoo, and other chemicals we use when we bath can make the glass door looks unclear. […]