Bunk Bed with Stairs: The Best Solution for Twin Sleeping Space

If you have twin children it means big spending, you need to pay double for everything they needs including bed room. You need at least one big bed room with two bed inside of it for them, but if you choose Bunk Bed with Stairs, you just need to buy one bed but you already provide two bed for them. Bunk bed known as the bed that consist with one in the upper and one in the lower, these two bed are connected with stairs to give access for them to go and upstairs. If you feel like to minimize your spending for your twin children, bunk bed is the best solution for you.

Bunk Bed with Stairs comes with different variety of design and shape. Some of them comes with L shape or just rectangular like the common design. Some manufacture also gives the variation in this bed to make it more interesting and attractive and also have side functions. You could choose the design which is suitable with your need and also your children need. If they like to have a bed which have cute or boyish look, there are a lot of design which is suitable with your need.

Bunk bed with stairs and drawers is one of the favorite designs that you could choose. This bed comes with drawers which could function as a storage space. The drawers can be used as wardrobe to keep your children clothes or as the storage to keep small things like toys or books. Bunk Bed with Stairs combined with storage in its base is a great model of a bunk bed which is suitable for you who does not have much space in your kid’s bed room.

Another design of Bunk Bed with Stairs that you could choose is Bunk bed with stairs and trundle. With this design, you will have space for visitors if they come to your house and wants to sleepover. The trundle located in the base of the bunk bed and you could draw it when need it. It has roller wheel in its legs to give and easy access to pull the trundle.

The price of Bunk Bed with Stairs varies depends on its design and size. But, the estimated price for this bed is around $2,000 for the basic design. So, if you like to have a good sleeping space for your twin children, you could choose this bed as your option.


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