Advantages and Do It Yourself Installation of Garage Door Screen

Garage door is a importance element in our garage. We must install garage door that’s really safe to protect our vehicles and other stuffs in our garage. But nowadays, people would love to make their garage door seems more attractive by installing garage door screen. Screen will not only make our garage looks more attractive but the screen is also able to keep the bugs, leaves, and dust out of our garage. At the same time, the screen will let the sunlight and fresh air comes into our garage.

It is not very hard to install garage door screen. First of all, we need to prepare some tools and materials including tape measure, marker pen, adhesive tape, hooks, and the garage door screen home depot. We can do this by ourselves or we can ask someone to help us. Now, let us begin the preparation. First of all, we need to make sure that there is no debris on top of our garage doorframe. This is important since our adhesive tape only sticks to surface that dry and clean.

Now, after cleaning the doorframe of our garage, we can start marking out. In this step, we will need someone that can help us. We need to clamp open our garage door and then make mark of location where we will stick the screen. In this garage door screen installation step, we must be careful so that our screen won’t be damaged when our garage door is operated with opener. The next move is applying adhesive tape.

If there is manuals or instructions from the manufacturer of garage door screen, make sure to follow it. In this step, you need to unfurl enough adhesive tape so that it can cover the entire mark you drew right on the doorframe of your garage. You may feel like to use two lines of adhesive tapes so that you can get heavy screen. Now, see your manufacturer’s instructions. Several manufacturers require us to leave the adhesive tape for few hours in order to increase the strength of the tape by letting it contacts with fresh air.

Now, we can start fixing the garage door screen to our adhesive tape. After fixing the top of garage door screen panels, we can unroll the screen and let the screen falls naturally. Finally, we must attach our hooks to our garage ceiling. That’s all steps to install garage door screen to your garage door.


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