A Special Type of Bed with Storages, Captains Bed

If you are looking for a new bed, the so called captains bed might just be a good option to be included in your consideration. This is a particular type of bed that is different from the majority of bed types due to several things. Those differences in several things are surely bringing a better functionality of the bed itself so that it could really be a great choice of bed.

Basically the so called captains bed is a kind of platform bed that is having integrated storage spaces inside the structure of the platform itself. Since it has storage spaces integrated in the structure, this particular type of bed is very popular to be used in houses with tight spaces available especially for the purpose of storages. It could even be integrated further with various features of interior designs or decorations. The main idea of captain bed style is to be able to store more things in such limited available space for sure.

Today there are many companies make the captains bed itself that you could buy right away. Yet if you need a certain specifications for your interior designs or decorations, you can actually build it from scratch. By building the bed itself from scratch you can add more personal touches into the bed so that you will get a bed that really shows who you are. You can consider the use of modular captain bed kits to create the one according to your own specifications.

The origin of this captains bed is said to be the one used by captains on boats. It is clear that onboard a ship space is so precious so that more storage spaces in such small space is always needed. A raised bed on a platform could really bring additional storage spaces in form of drawers under the bed itself. The basic idea of the bed itself is actually a kind of built-in so that the use of available space could be more practical.

Furthermore in terms of the use of this bed in houses, the bed itself could be built-in or could also be a standalone bed piece. Everything from the shape, style, size, and the look of the bed could be customized to match personal tastes and needs of the one using the bed itself. So, if you are having tight spaces in your houses, be sure to use this so called captains bed for a better use of that tight spaces.


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